A bit about Jeannie and John

Jeannie and John have been serving couples getting married for a long time and they love it. Jeannie will say there is no other feeling than standing next to a groom when his bride is walking down he aisle.  John has said that no matter how many times he reads a wedding ceremony prior to the wedding he will tear up when a couple repeats their vows to each other.  It is the best job in the world to see two people profess their love to each other and be inches away.  It is like being in the middle of a star, magic, and the most amazing emotional  moments. 

The other part Jeannie really enjoys is preparing couples for their ceremony and day.  Jeannie's background in Hotel management and formerly owning a planning company gives her the opportunity to share a unique perspective with their couples.  

Jeannie's hobbies are painting, water color and acrylics,  movies and travel. 

John's hobbies are bike riding, trains, travel and movies.

Jeannie and John both are involved with assisting in ministries that involve children who are awesome, fun and giggle a lot. 

Jeannie and John both love when animals are involved in weddings!! As they both have a passion for animals. 

Jeannie has 3 adult children and 1 son in law.  4 young grand children that are fantastic..

Jeannie is a Bible Believing Christian.  Most of her weddings are for people who are not.  She respects where people are and never suggests putting faith into a ceremony unless someone asks for it to be placed into the ceremony.  

John has 1 daughter and son in law and 4 grand kids that are so smart and fun. 

John is a Bible believing Christian and believes the same as Jeannie when it comes to wedding ceremonies. 

Jeannie and John are both Christians.  They will not bring faith into your ceremony unless you request it. .  They believe your ceremony is your own and they respect your choices.

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